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FLEXIBLE COUPLINGS Catalog FLE 10.2 Edition 2022.1 EN Introduction E E Torsionally Rigid Gear Couplings ZAPEX ZW 4 4 ZAPEX ZN 5 5 Torsionally Rigid All-Steel Couplings N-ARPEX, ARPEX 6 6 Flexible Couplings N-EUPEX 7 RUPEX 8 8 N-BIPEX 9 9 Highly Flexible Couplings ELPEX-B 10 10 ELPEX-S 11 11 ELPEX 12 12 Fluid Couplings FLUDEX 13 13 Appendix A A FLENER STANARD

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Turbomachinery Coupling Catalog Emerson Industrial Automation Power Transmission Solutions Corporate Headquarters 7120 New Buffington Road Florence, KY 41042 Customer Service 800 626 2120 Fax 800 262 3292 Technical Service 800 626 2093 www.emerson-ept.com Catalog Name MCC11018E• Form 8622E APPLICATION CONSIDERATIONS

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KOP-FLEX offers greases specifically designed for use in coupling applications. For higher speeds refer to KHP-00 Catalog or visit www.kop-flex.com.

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Recheck flange separation “H” angular and offset alignment and securely tighten foundation bolts. The Kop-Flex® brand Elastomeric coupling will operate best 

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The Kop-Flex® brand continues to innovate with industry-leading solution solutions such as the evolutionary High-Performance Disc 2.0 coupling, torque monitoring systems, and patented

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Metric keyway tolerances conform to ANSI/AGMA 9112 Normal keyway width tolerance. Page 4. 4. Coupling Interchange Chart. Gear Couplings.

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Kop-Flex provides a systems solution by packaging torque monitoring (sensors and electronics) with coupling products from a single source. In addition, Kop-Flex created a mechanism to

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Features of this coupling includes: The all-metal end ring, used exclusively in Fast's® couplings, eliminates the need for any type of perishable lube seal (o-rings, lip seals, cork gaskets, etc.). PDFs - Product Literature Kop-Flex - Elastomeric Catalog (PDF - 4.71 Mb) Kop-Flex - Industrial Couplings Catalog (PDF - 14.1 Mb)

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Table 2: Dimensional Data — Kop-Flex Odyssey Couplings Coupling Size 112 - 388 Coupling Style Part Description SHUB= Standard Hub LHUB= Long Hub JHUB= Jumbo Hub CA350= 3 1/2" Shaft Separation CA500= 5" Shaft Separation CA700= 7" Shaft Separation CA1000= 10" Shaft Separation Bore Bores range 5/8" to 3 7/8" 112 Odyssey SHUB 1 1/8


Rexnord® Thomas® Flexible Disc Couplings Overview A flexible coupling is a device used to connect the ends of two shafts, transmit torque, and at the same time, accommodate slight misalignments which develop in service . The primary functions of all flexible couplings are: 1 . To transmit power from one shaft to another, efficiently and

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1959873 | 2SBSPR350 KOPFLEX | Kop-Flex® | Kop-Flex® 1959873 Coupling Spacer, For Use With Fast's® and Waldron® Series H Size 2 Shrouded ..

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Regal Rexnord Corporation

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It can crush all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with a feed particle size not exceeding 500mm and a compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. , Energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries

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WALDRONR couplings are available in the POWERLIGN® KOP-FLEX offers greases specifically designed for use in coupling applications.

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Series H couplings of Size 8 to 30 are designed for ±1/2° misalignment per flex half coupling, to compensate for misalignment between the shafts in a full-flex coupling. Series H couplings can be supplied in full-flex, flex-rigid, floating shaft and spacer arrangements as well as custom designs. Only exposed bolt flanges are available in

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Kop Flex Industrial Couplings Catalog - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. nh. nh. 124 Model B Unique Flange Pattern All-metal Labyrinth Seal Gear Coupling. KOP-FLEX® Size 1 through 30 Bore range 1" to 43 1/2

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in the development of the Kop-Flex® high performance disc coupling. He has coauthored and presented papers on various coupling topics to ASME, the Turbomachinery Symposium, and the Vibration Institute. Mr. Munyon received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineer ­ ing in 1975 from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and is a

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L. P. and/or Kop-Flex, Inc. INSTALLATION and ALIGNMENT. INSTRUCTIONS. These instructions generally apply to. Forged Steel, Model B, and Cast Steel couplings 

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Coupling Greases KOP-FLEX offers greases specifically designed for use in into your drawings • Media Library — digital (PDF) version of paper catalogs, 


for reasons of safety and to extend shaft coupling life, follow these requirements. 1. Coupling guards protect personnel. ALL COUPLINGS MUST BE COVERED WITH A GUARD AS PER OSHA REQUIREMENTS. 2. Recheck alignment after all foundation bolts and mechanical con- nections are tightened. 3. Make sure all fasteners are properly installed and tightened. 4.

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line of grid couplings gives you the ability Kop-Flex®. Kop-Grid® please refer to selection process on page GD-5 of Lovejoy full-line catalog.

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3500 rpm can benefit from KHP coupling grease. Both KSG and KHP coupling greases are available from Kop-Flex or au-thorized distributors of Kop-Flex power transmission products. If the coupling is mounted on a reciprocat-ing machine, or if recurrent reverse load-ing is experienced, a heavy viscous lubri-cant, similar to Texaco Crater Compound

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Download PDF - Kop Flex Industrial Couplings Catalog [vlr0w1yp5jlz].

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KOP-FLEX High Performance Flexible Diaphragm Couplings (For more Information, see Bulletin 1300) The patented Flexible Diaphragm Coupling from KOP-FLEX transmits torque from the

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10.1 KOP-FLEX®KD21 disc couplings are designed to operate for extended periods without the need for lubrication or maintenance. Visual inspection of the disc packs is suffi- cient to assess the operational condition of the coupling. 10.2 All machinery should be monitored to detect unusual or changing vibration levels.

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Kop Flex Reliable Innovative Couplings for Critical Applications The Kop-Flex® brand continues to innovate with industry-leading solutions such as nonlubricated couplings, coupling

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ELASTOMERIC™ Coupling Type EE. Steel hubs provide added strength when the coupling is used in the most rugged applications typical of steel mill service. Type E stainless steel hubs also

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Heavy-duty types MTG-HD-NT and MTGX-HD-NT with nitrided gears. Our company is a global supplier of flexible couplings to customers in the pulp and paper industry. For over 40, years Jaure MT gear couplings have been successfully operating in various lines for the processing of fiber pulps, paper, board and tissue machines. MT gear couplings are

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Renold Couplings. 03 Typical Applications 04. The Renold Collection 06 Coupling Comparison Chart 08. Coupling Selection Guide 10 Load Classification by Application 12 . Torsionally Flexible. Spiderflex (RSC) +1.7 2.5 0.5 32 – 3,150Nm 115 90 Up to 7,700rpm Spider (SC) 0.89 1 0.25 2.4 – 107Nm 42 Up to 11,000rpm

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Refer to the gear coupling specifications charts displayed with each type of coupling and dimensional data for Lovejoy's HercuFlex gear coupling.